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About Me:
I'm Abhilekh Gautam from Tribeni, Nawalparasi Nepal. Temporarily I reside in Kathmandu for my undergraduate studies. I am a Computer Engineering student driven by the curiosity to know more about how a computer works. I have learnt quite a few programming languages, starting with C (didn't like it), C++ (made me fall in love with programming), JavaScript (Jquery, React - I hate it, node), PHP, x86_64_assembly, Go, Rust. I won't say I'm an expert in all of these rather I'd say I like exploring how things are done in different programming languages.

Change In Mind(Compilers and More):
Initially what I felt was, programming is everything - Yup it is fun. But when I was taught about microprocessors in my college I understood there are lots of things you can do. I was taught about Intel's 8085 and 8086. For this course I even wrote assembly for both 8085 and 8086. It was the same time when I found godblot's Compiler Explorer where you can see the generated assembly by the compiler for a code you write. At that time I could understand assembly but not entirely for x86_64 so I decided to dig into x86_64 assembly. Once I got a grasp about x86_64_assembly Instructions I started exploring C++ more to see what my compiler would do for my quirky C++ code. This is how I fell for Compilers. Currently I am learning how Compilers work. I hope to make one someday.

Experimenting with Concurrency:
In the next semester I was taught about Operating Systems, one of the things that caught my eye on that course was the thread synchronization problem which required me to know about concurrent programming this is why I learnt The Go programming language but I didn't enjoy it that much so I shifted to The Rust Programmng langauge. Rust has the Concept of Fearless Concurrency and I really liked Rust.

Nepal Open Source Klub and Open Source:
Nepal Open Source Klub(NOSK) has had a huge impact on my career. I have learnt a lot by contributing at NOSK. I learnt about the need of Open Source and the importance of collaboration and this is why I encourage everyone to contribute to Open Source.